This is where we are going to build contents for our "Open Port" bilateral project with Liceo Scientifico "Salvatore di Giacomo", i San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, outside Napoli in Italia. The contents will be made and published by pupils together with their teachers from both schools, presenting their home towns and regions and their connections with the ocean.

Project presentation

The project is an exchange between two places in the north and in the south of Europe, very far from each other. The “fil rouge” between them is the sea, which has a large influence on the people's lives. The “open port” focuses this theme in his cultural, social, economic, historical aspects and aims at understanding each other's identities in the relation with the sea.

The Comenius program

comenius The programme is a part of the European Union school partnership programme. The programme has been named after a Czeck teacher and philosopher John Amos Comenius
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